Need to know what cheap and best graphics card to buy for modern gamin

Hey, I recently busted my radeon HD 4670 and am planning to buy a better graphic card, one that supports and plays all the modern games with above average graphics. I had in mind to buy the radeon HD 7750. i need to know if this is a good choice if not what better one I could get in the same price range or slightly above.

PC specs:

intel core 2 duo E7400, 2.80 ghz
Gigabyte EP31-DS3L motherboard
2gb DDR2 ram
currently using Radeon HD 4670

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  1. Thats a Entry level Card.
    But suitable to your Computer.
  2. ok but is my option a good one or else i was thinking of going for the Radeon 7850 but i need to know if would need to upgrade my power supply if i do that as my current one is only the standard power supply.

  3. Which power supply you own? Tell the product details, whether it will support higher graphic card or not.
  4. i opened it up and i see that it has a max voltage o/p of 800 watts?
  5. Post a Picture of that PSU.
  6. You should be fine if you go to the 7850, I would not recommend anything lower if you want to play on decent settings. The wattage of you PSU will handle it no problem. Just make sure it has the right connections. You will need 2-6 pin connectors. Judging by the wattage of your PSU I will venture a guess that you do indeed have them, Probably used them on your last card.
  7. ^

    No offense, but clearly you are giving a bit wrong advice.

    @OP: I'd look into the brand and model of that power supply unit. If you cannot find it, at least tell us the specs (amperages) or take a picture of it and post it here. HD 7850 needs one 6-pin power connector.
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