New graphics card issue?

Im about to buy a new graphics card to replace my current 6570 which is a piece of ****. The graphics card I plan on buying is a gigabyte 660

and im wondering will this graphics card work with my current motherboard which is a gigabyte M68MT-S2

and Im also wondering os there any other component that might cause compatibility issues with my graphics card cause Im kind of a noob.

Any help is greatly appreciated because as soon as I get this problem sorted Im gona buy my new GPU thanks again.
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  1. dude, thats old mobo and i guess you have old cpu

    it will work, but your mobo pci-e will --slightly-- limit the performance, and i am not sure your CPU and GPU is powerful enough to handle gtx 660

    anyway, it will work :)

    please list what your parts are
  2. thanks man!

    Here are my specs:
    AMD FX4100 3.6ghz processor
    8gb ram
    500gb hd
    Gigabyte M68Mt-S2 motherboard
    AMD Radeon HD 6570
    Windows 7 64 bit

    if you need anything else just ask thanks
  3. Thats very good.
    Everything will be fine.
    But you should OC your FX a bit to decrease performance issue.

    If you don't mind then I would suggest you this card is
    It has Better cooling. The card listed is Factory OC. So, it will run even faster.
  4. thanks man was looking at that card too!
  5. Well, I'm the owner of that card.
    And surely guarantee you a Nice performance with that card at Ultra 1080p in any game.
  6. what about bf3?
  7. That card runs me over 50fps in BF3.

    But in Mutliplayer you need a Good CPU.
    Because MP puts load on CPU.

    Edit: My system

    i5 3470
    MSI GTX 660
    G.skill 8Gb 1600Mhz
    Forgot the Mobo's model :lol:
  8. nice thanks for your help man!
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