Can I substitute 2GB memory strips into my XPS410

I have a Dell XPS 410 that has been upgraded to a Core 2 Quad processor. Recently I have noticed that I am using about 3.5GB of memory for just surfing the web with Firefox. (IE and Chrome use about 1GB less). Are there 2GB ram strips that I could use on this MB, or would I have to replace it, and if I did, would there be something suitable that would fit?
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  1. No. Based on the specifications page for your system, it has a maximum RAM limit of 4GB (4x1GB RAM Modules). In order to utilize more than 4GB of RAM, you'd need to replace the motherboard with something compatible AND purchase and install a 64-Bit operating system.

    -Wolf sends
  2. I found nice information regarding RAM upgrade to 8 GB (4x2GB sticks) here

    2 users confirmed upgrading to 8 GB RAM!

    yes I know that official is only 4 GB RAM.
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