Building 1st Pc need advice please

Hey guys. Looking for a bit of help/advice on my first pc build. Trying to get the best power vs money performance and not completely break the bank. I am looking around 800-1300 price range. Pc will be used for Gaming (FPS and MMORPG), movies, music, documents and all basic internet uses. So far this is what I have thought any opinions or better options would be much appreciated. Trying to make it somewhat "future proof" and yet affordable. I figure I will always have room for SLI upgrades down the road.



Video Card:


I do not know if I should stick with 1866 or drop to 1600. Price difference is not much. I assume 1866 will work without me needing to do anything special?

Blue-Ray Player:

Hard Drive:
I thought about just doing this. Would I be better to get a cheaper 1T hard drive(7200RPM) and a SSD (128G or 256G)

Power Supply: At the moment I am not sure what power supply to go with. Any advice would help as to brand and wattage so I can upgrade to SLI later.

Cooling: I really have no clue how much I need and what is a good option for the case. Any recommendations on this would be appreciated as well.
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  1. If you plan to overclock get the i5-3570k, if you don't get a h77 motherboard, like the asrock h77 pro 4 mvp, a z77 is a waste for a locked cpu.
    Also for a good z77 board(if you plan to overclock the cpu) with all the features you'll need there's this one :
    A lot cheaper.
    If you plan to overclock the cpu, get an aftermarket cooler, like the hyper 212 evo :
    Or this one :
    For gaming just get 8GB, a dual channel kit of 2x4GB 1600, you won't notice any difference with higher speeds, like this one :
    It's good ram, review :
    Also drop the bluray drive, if you're not going to put any bluray discs, get a dvd drive.
    This 670 gtx is as good as the FTW but has a better cooling system :

    If you want a psu for two 670 gtx :
    This one is of high quality and semi modular.
  2. Sorry, I accidently linked wrong cpu. I meant to link the I5-3570k so I do want the z77 board. I like the Internal I/O connections on the Asus and heard good things about their motherboards. Do you really think it is a waste?

    I will definitely look into the Cooler. I have heard good things about the hyper 212 evo. As far as the ram I would prefer to have atleast 12GB. I do not want to end up bottlenecking at the ram when it I so cheap so to speak. would 4x4gb dual channel ram or 2x8gb ram be my best bet? I also want this computer to last so I don't mind spending the little extra to have something with durability. Just throwing that out there. I will look into that psu and 670 gtx though. Thanks for your input man.
  3. A dual channel kit, but you won't be bottlenecked with 8GB, 8GB is suffice for today or tomorrow, even 6GB is plenty for it.
    The gigabyte has all the features that you need, the asus pro has more, but the gigabyte might allow you to buy a ssd.
    One thing that's omitted, you should get a ssd within 120-128GB.
  4. I can deal with the extra money for the ssd if it is worth it. I heard read good reviews about the HDD I linked 1T 10000RPM not the usual 7200RPM I heard it is almost as fast as the SSD's without the high price vs low space issue. I can afford asus Motherboard and SSD if it is worth it. If the 10000RPM hard drive is just as good I was going to bypass SSD all together until price drops or space goes up.
  5. Get a high speed SSD and a normal 7200rpm SATA-III HDD. Like 120/180GB SSD for OS and other demanding games and 1TB HDD for storage.
  6. That hdd is way expensive(i didn't even checked), just get a 1TB hdd 7200 rpm, and no, it will not get near the speeds of a good ssd, with 220$ for a hdd, you can buy the samsung 840 pro 128GB and a 1TB hdd 7200 rpm.
  7. ^+1 - no HDD will come close to an SSD. Raptors Velociraptors and other 10,000 rpm drives had their day before SSDs came along.
  8. Alright I'll give it a shot I had no problem getting one if they were worth it. So just store OS and games on it? Also what OS should I get Windows 7 or 8? I am not a fan of 8 in general but typically the older generation becomes outdated sooner. Worth it just to get 8 and learn to deal with it? Also If I go with hyper 212 evo that will be cpu cooling. Case has 4 fans I think. Will I need anymore cooling for this setup?
  9. Windows 7 home premium 64 bits, yes, get the ssd for the os and games.
    No you'll not need more fans.
  10. Alright thanks guys. I appreciate the help. I'll check back if anyone has any other thoughts to consider. Will start buying parts in a week or two. Moving on to price checking. Any good places to check prices?
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