7870 or 7850? Advice please

which is the better card, HD 7850 2GB or the HD 7870 2GB?

I found the HD 7870 2GB for sale for around £145 and i found the HD 7850 2GB for sale (second hand) for £111

many thanks
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More about 7870 7850 advice please
  1. 7870 rams 7850 by a distance.
    Get 7870.
  2. The difference in price between the two cards would definitely make the 7870 the sane choice. The 7870 eats 7850 alive.
  3. shaun88 said:
    HD 7850 2GB for sale (second hand) for £111

    Just now saw that. Don't take that card.
    You'll face problems for sure.
    And 7870 is a way better choice.
  4. The 7870 is faster of course.I would not buy a 7850 (second hand) these days.It's not a bad choice rather risky though.I just would not go that route.If i had a choice to pick between the two.
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