Newbie and need help

I am purchasing a new PC for basic home use, but also HD video editing with our camcorder and Sony Vegas software.

I think I want a dedicated video card on a budget, and through advice on this and other boards, may go with:

But, what I don't know is will it fit on the motherboard (or the case) of this Thinkcentre:

I have messed around with PCs before, but not in a few years and am therefore ignorant and trying to learn. Any help would be appreciated.

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  1. The link for the motherboard/case is not working.
  2. it will fit the motherboard fine, but not the case. for a low profile computer like that you also need a low profile card or to buy a bigger case for it. if you are looking for a low profile video card, the best i know of is the AMD Radeon HD 7750, such as this . while it will not deliver anywhere near the performance of the gtx650, it is the best card you can fit into that computer case.
  3. Ok, thanks I will look into it.
  4. Vegas Pro more depends on CPU.
    And i5 3570 is just awesome for that.

    That Power Supply is 240w. Which is very low for 650 Ti.
    So you have to get a better PSU.
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