Which HD 7870 2Gb to buy? advice please

many thanks to my previous post, i've decided to purchase the HD 7870 2GB, but which one is the best from these?


is there any difference in performace? plus, will the 2 fans be better to keep the card cool?

many thanks
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  1. i would deffinitely choose sapphire
    it is the only GHZ edition on your list

    and you are right about fan, two is better :)
  2. The 2 fans will surely keep the Card cooler.
    And will help you to keep it cool when you Overclock it hard.

    VTX one is Highly Overclocked yet has 1 fan.
    I wouldn't prefer that brand much.

    Best is the Sapphire Ghz Edition.
    Thats a very good Brand and card is also awesome.
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