Whats is i5 3570k's AMD equivalent?

Well, the title says it all :D i understand that AMD cpus open alot more terms in the sense of a better GPU and RAM and HDD and SDD e.t.c But si there an AMD equivalent of an i5 3570k?
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  1. fx 83xx but it's not directly identical. In some areas it wins, in some not. Usually comparison criteria is price, e.g. you can't objectively compare 100$ and 200$ cpu.
  2. I know that you cant compare cpu on cpu, but what about overclocking?
  3. AMD FX-8350 Vishera Socket AM3+ 125W Eight-Core Processor is the best from AMD's Piledriver that matches 3570k with its stock frequency of 4 GHZ (4.2 GHZ Turbo)

    But i wouldn't recommend overclocking as you see it has got eight cores
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