GTX 550 ti 'Out of range'

As I start up my newly installed gtx 550 ti windows 8 pc, I get a screen saying 'out of range'
I tried running in safe mode and that didn't work either.
16 gb ddr3 ram.
1 tb kingston hardrive.
Windows 8 Pro 64 bit (32 bit doesn't work either)
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  1. reset the monitor through its menu; the Mhz is out of range.
  2. Thank you for the reply, but I cannot find a reset option on my monitors menu!
  3. RTM (read the manual)
  4. press F8 after the post screen and select enable vga mode and change your monitor resolution, select native one.
  5. I reset my monitor and nothing worked :/
    I'm assuming it was the drivers I installed, everytime I try to install new drivers on my laptop it happens aswell.
    I'm resetting the computer, it's taking really long, it's been about an hour and it's on %40.
    I'll try what Simu said after I reset it.
  6. I'm thinking it might be my monitor and not the computer.
    I mean, even on my laptop, if I have up to date drivers and plug the monitor in it displays the same error.


    Fixed it, was my monitor.
    I swapped to a new monitor and it works fine.
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