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I'm about to complete my first build. Now I'm looking for a Full HD monitor.
I'm on a budget. So I'm wondering about getting an used monitor.
Or should I go with a new monitor?

I have a choice between the following:
HP S2231A (Used for about 1 year, costs about 60-70€)
DELL Ultrasharp P2211H (Practicly new monitor for about 100€)

Which one should I go? Should I look for a completely new monitor?

Need help so I could complete my first build

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  1. I personally always go with a new display unless I know who I am buy it from. I do not know your situation is or what a new display would cost you, but I am a huge fan of the Dell Professional and UltraSharp displays. I dislike their consumer end because they feel cheap, just like HP and all the rest. Out of those two, I'd take the UltraSharp any day. However, if a new display isn't much more I'd shop around. Just remember the UltraSharps us an IPS panel and they have better color than a TN panel. They are also inherently slower than a TN panel, but most IPS panels made within the last few years are perfectly fine for gaming.
  2. Thanks for your answer jay2tall

    Though it's named Ultrasharp (at least on some sites) it seems to have a TN panel (like most of the 22" monitors).

    As for the budget I try to go as low as possible - something close to 100€ = sub 100£. From the new displays I could afford some BenQ or Philips monitors. All are TN (I think) monitors and 21,5"-22".

    So, should I still go with the Dell?
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