Gtx 660 ti install help needed

I am not very good with technical Pc stuff so I would be grateful for any help you can give me regarding upgrading my Graphics Card. The card has already been bought. What I need advice about is installing the Graphics Card, in particualr the power supply compatibilty.

This is my Pc

The PSU in the machine is specs here

The Graphics Card I have to install is

So the card says minimum of 450w and my PSU says 460w, yes I understand that some PC's come with not so great PSU's and that I really should upgrade the PSU, but money is tight and the card was a gift.... I was hoping I could get away with it :/

But my main issue is connecting up the new card with the PSU, I opened up the case and I found one loose 6 pin coming from the PSU inside the case already, but the card needs 2.... it came with 2 x 4 pin to 6 pin power cables but i have no idea where or how I connect these up to the PSU. I have never really done anything like this with a PC before.

Anyone tell me if I could connect it up with the loose 6 pin in the case already then use one of the cables it came with to connect the other, but where do the 2x4 pin to 6 pin hook up, I know where to connect to on the GPU its just the PSU end Im not sure about

The reason I got the 660 ti is that it requires less power than the 560 ti so I was hoping I wouldnt need to upgrade the psu

So 1, can I hook it up with the current PSU

So to recap the current gpu is not using power from the psu that I can see, inside the case I have one loose 6 pin connector coming from the PSU so how do I go about connecting another

Sorry for the lack of technical knowledge
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  1. the 2 x 4 pin to 6pin connect to 4 pin molex connectors from the psu

    if your psu doesnt have any to spare then you need a new psu

    edit--this is what they connect to
  2. so if my psu had them, they would be hanging loose with the 6 pin one i mentioned thats loose in the case correct?
  3. ok thanks for your help kind numpty
  4. Aitchy said:
    so if my psu had them, they would be hanging loose with the 6 pin one i mentioned thats loose in the case correct?


    but some cheaper psus dont have a lot of connectors
  5. ok i will open up and look, I seen a few spare sata connectors I am pressuming,,,, never noticed a bigger one,,,,

    From my psu's specs what one is the molex,,, the 4 pin 12v?

    24 Pin Motherboard Connector ATX
    4 pin 12v P4 Connector
    6 X Sata Connectors
    1 X PCIe 6 Pin Connector
  6. no the 4 pin 12v goes to the motherboard for cpu power

    edit--if you have no spare 4 pin molex

    you can buy cheaply 2 x sata connectors to 6 pin pci-e

    if you have 2 sata connectors free
  7. lol thats not a good sign then :(
  8. And I would need 2 spare 4 pin molex's right for 1 6 pin connection to the gpu
  9. if your psu has as you said 6 sata connectors

    then unless you have quite a few hard drives and dvd drives

    you should have spare sata connectors

    probably £5 or less for 2 x sata to 6 pin pci-e cable

    edit--like this
  10. yes 2 spare molex to use the connector you already have

    or 2 x sata spare to buy the adapter
  11. nice one, that what i need then cause Im pretty sure I never saw anything bigger than the sata connectors

    So its ok to use the loose 6 pin already in the case then use the 2 x sata to make the two connections?
  12. yes

    without buying a new psu its your only option
  13. Please tell me if you get this resolved. I think i might also have the same problem, i am about to purchase a 660ti with a 430w psu BUT i DO have spare 4 pin molex's so i believe i am fine. Just would like to be 100% sure :)
  14. Tell you tomorrow once i goto maplin, fingers crossed there open :)
  15. yes they are open till 6pm boxing day

    though may cost a bit more in maplins or pc world than off the net
  16. Well went to maplin they never had the sata to pci cable. So i bought 2 sata to molex adapters.

    Got the card up and running today, all is good. :) Thanks for the advice numpty
  17. you are welcome :)
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