How can i tell if my Graphics Card is DOA

Hello. I Just received a new GPU, A GTX 680. I have a problem with it. The computer turns on, but the boot menu is very messed up. The entire computer freezes on the boot menu. Keep in mind, I switched from an AMD Radeon 7770. I didn't uninstall the amd drivers. But, could it be my 500W 13A PSU? I have an i7-3770 as well. Everything works fine after reverting back to my AMD 7770.
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  1. Very likely to be it is the PSU. Can you provide full specs for the PSU? Also, you really should uninstall the AMD drivers with driver sweeper prior to installing the gtx 680.
  2. Well, the max wattage says 450W and it also says 18 Amps. It's and 80 Bronze. I bought this computer from a website. The parts inside were far cheaper than buying them separately.
  3. Can you please supply the brand and model # of the PSU. Just because the label says 450w and 18amps doesn't mean a whole lot in the world of power supplies. Most of the cheaper ones have exaggerated output numbers.

    Just an FYI most of the time it is cheaper to build your own, I've never seen a pre-built that was cheaper than building a better machine yourself.
  4. your better to uninstall the amd driver before putting tha nvidia card in also could be that you psu is not having enough power to handle the gtx 680.
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