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GTX 460 1gb SLi overheating like crazy

I just got an EVGA GTX 460 1gb SuperClocked to pair with my ASUS ENGTX 460 1gb. I had some trouble enabling SLi because my machine didn't recognize my EVGA card a Nvidia card and I had to re-install drivers for that. Once I did that, I went in and enabled SLi and it worked just fine. I played BF3 to test out my new performance, but the fans rammped up to 100% right away. I ran Furmark and the temperature hit 98C in the first second! I don't know what to do, as I have good cooling (4 case fans and a watercooler with a fan so actually 5 fans) and my ASUS card runs cool and quiet.

Any help would be much appreciated thank you!
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  1. So forgetting Furmark (because its a useless piece of poo), what temps do the cards reach under normal gaming conditions?
  2. I'll get back to you with that in a second. Also, the idle temp of the EVGA card was 70C. I switched the slots and now it's 45-50C. Maybe that made all the difference. But i'll play BF3 and then give you some results. Thanks for the quick response by the way!
  3. Loaded up BF3. Before I even spawned the EVGA 460 was running @ 98C. I promptly stopped it there because that's too hot.
  4. Is that a new card or a S/H item? And how much room is there between the two cards?
  5. It's a new card. And there is a whole slot between the card not being used.
  6. Have you tried changing the orientation of the whatever fans are on the side of the case?
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    Hmm. I have to think you got a dud. I had a card once that I had used in a friends computer and it was running in CFX. After a while (about a year) we noticed that the second card was running extremely hot, so I took it out and removed the heatsink. Somehow the thermal compound had dried out and the heatsink wasn't even making contact! So unless your feeling brave and don't mind taking your new graphics card apart, start the RMA process. Sorry for your luck.
  8. @Mouse I don't have a side fan because I only have one 800 RPM fan, but not extra molex connectors.

    @NoSupport Yeah, that's what I was suspecting... I think I will RMA because I don't want to void any warranties.

    Thanks for the help and if anyone has any other suggestions that'd be awesome!
  9. 4 case fans and none of them are on the side? In that case your through flow is terrible.
  10. Mousemonkey said:
    4 case fans and none of them are on the side? In that case your through flow is terrible.

    Okay thank you for that but my other GPU is running cool so I know it's not that. I'd rather not hear about how my case air-flow is not great, but about how I can solve my GPU overheating issue.
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