GTx 670 vs amd 7950

Hello, im plannin to upgrade to either gtx 670 or amd hd 7950.i heard gtx 670 has a crippled gpgpu/dp perfomance. my main use is gaming Crysis/stalker/metro.but i a hobbyist who occasionally uses maya,vue etc. my psu is corsair 650tx. other components are intel corei5 2500k(stock),1tb seagate,128 gb intel 330 ssd,asus xonar dx.
which one will be d best choice for me. will tese cards run under 650w psu
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  1. Yes, 650w will be enough for both cards. Actually the 670 is faster than the 7950 at stock levels. The 670 should be compared to a 7970 not a 7950 and the games you mentioned favor nVidia so I give 1+ to the 670. The 7950 is a good card as well especially when overclocked.
  2. I have a EVGA 670 ftw and it's an awesome card. Haven't played stalker, but I can run Crysis 2 and Metro fantastically, and that's with an old phenom ii 965, so you'll probably get a good bit more fps in cpu-heavy games. I was between the same 2 gpu's, but decided on nvidia because of the superior drivers and a previous issue with an amd card (the infamous 7870 black screen crash). I'd suggest the 670 because of the games you listed, it runs better with them than the 7950.
  3. Get the 670 as it is basically comparable to the 7970 and it boasts a number of useful features such as adaptive vsync, PhysX and better drivers. I have one and it is, quite frankly, awesome. Easily OC'd to 1260 mHz which beats many of the 7970's at stock.
  4. With no doubt, get the 670 gtx, either a 670 evga ftw or a 670 gtx gigabyte windforce 3x/asus dcii.
  5. wil gtx 670 with is crippled compute perfomance work with maya ,vue . is it good with video editing
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