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I'm building my first computer for intense video editing. I want it to be able to edit in full HD with loads of effects and stuff. I use a DSLR and my current computer just can't handle it. I want the computer to be reliable but I don't care about how loud it is as long as it's not louder than my speakers! It will NOT be used for gaming, video editing only.

These are the parts i've chosen from research I would be thankful to any opinions whatsover on what I should change etc.

CPU = Intel i7 3770K
CPU Cooler = Corsair H100i
MoBo = GA-Z77X-UD5H
Graphics Card = GTX 670 (I already have this in my current computer but I'm going to take it out)
RAM = 32GB Corsair Vengeace 2133MHz
SSDs = Intel 520 Series 240GB (BOOTDRIVE) and Inte 520 Series 120GB (Export Drive and commonly used files etc)
HDDs = WD Black 1TB x4 (configured in RAID 5)
PSU = Haven't picked one
Case = Bit Fenix Ghost
OS = Win 8

Thanks in Advance
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  1. Having a AMD FX 8350 will perform much better than a quad core any day. But there isn't much else you can do to your build other than a better video card (and Im talking like a Quatro or FirePro card)

    Any 700watt PSU would be fine.
  2. You don't need 700W unless you plan to put a second graphics card in there. A solid 500W will do.

    Here is a Seasonic gold 550W that is modular
  3. I was basing the 700watt on a Quatro or FirePro card
  4. Jeffery Thanks for your advice on the processor but I am staying away from AMD as I have a Triple core AMD and it's useless. This time I definetly going intel.

    What Quadro card or Fire Pro card were you thinking of as there looks like a massive range.
  5. honestly any of them will do better for video editing than these "mainstream" gaming cards. And Im just saying with video rendering and editing a 8 core CPU will always outdo a quad core. No matter what. Not to include its cheaper so you can focus more on a video card, which is what's going to help you the most.
  6. Can i use a Quadr card with My GTX 670, which is a great card, and I still want to use it.
  7. I've been looking at some of the Quadro cards and they all seem really expensive.
  8. They are expensive, but even a low end would perform better than your high end 670.
  9. Are there any specific ones you'd suggest.
  10. Also can I use on the board with the gtx 670
  11. First off, your 670 wont perform bad at all. I just saying if your going to be doing video rendering and editing and stuff like that, you want a workstation card.

    You can use both, but there might be more drawbacks that benefits. I personally have never seen a system use both.

    Since you seem to be so keen on the Nvidia series (and assuming cost is a issue) I wouldgo with something like this:

    If cost is not so much of a issue:

    If cost is no issue at all:

    These will do you well.
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