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I am seeking any advice I can find regarding my system that I built around a year ago. I never have quite had it function correctly. Sometimes, I would turn it on and it would output a display and sometimes it would not. When it would not, I would have to manually shut down the computer, unplug it, power cycle, say a prayer, and then try again. Sometimes it would work, sometimes not.
Getting tired of this type of issue and having had several knowledgeable people look into my system, we managed to narrow it down to a possible issue with the motherboard. Finally! An answer! So I ordered a new motherboard, which came with new memory, and installed the components last week. I clicked the power button, held my breath, and the fans started spinning up, the lights began to shine in the case, the hard drive kicked up, display.
I ordered a power supply tester and all power output appears to be quite normal. I replaced the graphics card today after finding my warranty paperwork. Again, no output. At this point, I no longer know what to try.

Here are my components:
Thermaltake TR2 600w power supply
WD 500Gb hdd
msi 970A-G46 motherboard
AMD FX6100
EVGA GeForce GT610
G.Skill DDR3-1600 PC3-12800 8Gb memory
Samsung Blu-Ray Optical Drive

If anybody sees anything wrong with these components or has any suggestions, that would be great. Now, before it is asked, yes, I have checked the DVI cable and the screen does output when I hook my laptop up to it.

Any suggestions would be very helpful. If any further information is needed, let me know and I'll be happy to provide it.
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  1. I would suggest a different video card. Also, are you sure the PSU and PCI-E slots are all plugged in nice and snug? Sometimes it is easy for them to be off center a little and cause some slight connectivity issues.
  2. i would start with the mb bios to make sure it has the newest cpu and ram code. i would then check to see that the mb not grounding out on the mb tray or the i/o shield of the case. most time the issue is the 5v power good line is low on the power supply. so the mb does not start till the power supply can output the right voltage to turn on the mb.
  3. That's a good point as well, it very easily could be grounding out.
  4. All of the connections appear to be nice and tight so far. I had no idea that a graphics card could be incompatible with a system. I'm not saying I'm doubting you, just an interesting tidbit I hadn't thought of.

    As far as the mobo goes, I don't know how to put ram/cpu codes into it. If that requires it posting, I'm out of luck there since it won't display anything thus far. In regards to the mobo grounding out, I'll double check to make sure that it doesn't seem to be. I did test the power supply and the 5v appears to be giving out a strong output.

    I might mention that my motherboard has a feature on it where it has LED Status Indicator lights on it. All four are lit, signaling that it has made it through to phase 4 and is good on its end. I would believe if there was an issue with power, these lights wouldn't get to the fourth one.
  5. is the jppwr2 8 pin power plug on the top of the mb connected??
  6. Yeah, it's connected and I tested it and it's pulling the correct amount of power as well.
  7. To check and see if the MB is DOA take some RAM out and see if it beeps. Do this with all your peripherals and see how that turns out.
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