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Hello, i just bought a branded system,for personal use. or you can say just for gaming purpose.As i was down to my limited cash..the system im getting has the following specs..

intel core 2 duo,
Dell gx 745,
2gb RAM,
80 gb hard disk,
4mb cache.

please guide me to buy a graphic card so i can play COD,Black ops 1 and 2, fifa 12 and 13 and almost all the games from the past 3 years please....
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  1. AMD 7770 or 7850 1GB version will be about 100-150 usd

    thats the most card your old cpu can handle :) make sure you got decent PSU to avoid PC dying

    xfx 550 or corsair cx430 is minimum requirement :) check the price on website you want to buy from
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