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Question about the onboard wifi on mobo

Hey there!

A friend of mine asked me to build him a rig and i was interested in building him a system that had wifi on his mobo. My only problem is that i'm illitereate regarding wireless networking. I will read up if there are link to bring me up to speed. However i do have a small question :

Zotac offers most of their mobo lineups with wifi onboard as Asus do. Can i connect a laptop to the onboard wifi on my mobo and share internet through to the laptop? what other hardware would i need if i went with the zotac route, to extend the net to the laptop?

thanks for your time! :sol:
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  1. You would not need any hardware other than the desktop connected to the Internet with an Ethernet cable and also having a wireless card, which can then act as an access point for the wireless laptop by simply bridging the networks on the desktop machine (simply done by highlighting both networks in the control panel, right click and select bridge networks) or using the shared internet connection feature (which must be unchecked if you use the bridge approach).

    Of course, the desktop would have to be on for the laptop to get a connection.
  2. ah! thanks for the info mate!!

    been reading about the NIC on the zotac mobo - as well as the Asrock board. They are 802.11n capable - can i have them as a WAP? so i can connect 2 maybe three laptops to the desktop/server/main rig?

    and ofcourse, i forgot to mention , my pal will get a broadband connection via ethernet.

    anything i need to know before i get my feet wet with your above advice? :)

    Of course, the desktop would have to be on for the laptop to get a connection.
    yeah i know about that :) my pal would have it at his office and it'd be on for pretty much all the time, acting as a server for downloads and he'd have his laptop for transactions.
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    Sure, all wireless cards will just form an adhoc network (in the last step of their example they use ICS, rather than a bridge) that will be bridged to the Internet in the Windows 7 desktop networking. As THIS shows it is very easy, just make sure that none of the computers have the Internet Connection Sharing box checked -- it interferes with the bridge.
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