Gigabyte 6850 HD fan replacement.

I have a gigabyte 6850 HD graphics card, its not under warranty anymore. its cooling fans are almost dead and I'm looking for replacement, they are 2 pin fans.
i looked for replacement but I only found 3 pin fans (they are the same type of fans, the connecting pins are not the same.)
Are there any adapters of any kind that i can use to connect the 3 pin fans to my graphics card?
This is my current fans

This is all i could find:

As you can see they are the same type, but with different connectors.
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    Red and Black wires are already together in a side 2 pin, I believe you can just connect 2 of the 3 pins with just a simple cut off of the white plastic.
  2. Hmmm okay.
    Do you think it would be better to replace the stock cooling system with something better? Because I have used it for only a year and its already broken.
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  4. No just change the fan.
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