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Hello. I am looking to build a computer for graphic design. I will be using photoshop CS6, adobe Illustrator, Dreamweaver, ect. I have a budget of 1000.00 - 1200.00 (no monitor needed). I do want to run multiple harddrives to help with photoshops performance. I also need many USB ports for many accessories and additional external harddrives we use for storage. I have one software wich is 32 bit only, so I may upgrade it so it will be 64 bit compatable. I would prefer the fans to be quite, my current computer is very noisy. Any help appreciated. Larry.
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  1. something like this would do


    case. is pretty silent

    hard drive (if you dont already have one.)

    if you dont need 32gb of ram, you can reduce it to 16gb but then 32gb lets you have room so that you can setup a small ramdisk (virtual hard drive using ram), letting you have 16gb for the ramdisk and 16gb for your system. the benefits of a ramdisk is that performance is 10x of the SSD included (or 50x faster than a standard hard drive)

    if you dont need that much space for your programs and all, you can use this ssd
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