7870 2gb or.........

Ok, i;ve been around this block before, but i really need some opinions...

I've been looking at amd 7870 2gb. What is the comparable nvidia gtx card?

There are a lot of sales going on, and i have $300 to spend.....

previously i was sold on Gigabyte 7870 2gb for $259.00

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  1. The comparable cards are GTX 580 and GTX 660.
  2. This is a card I'm leaning towards for myself, but I just noticed it's in (the high end of) your price range:

    XFX Radeon 7950 3GB


    $320 today, $290 after mail in rebate
  3. Ya so here is my dilemma. I received $300 in bestbuy.ca cards today and was planning on a 7870 2gb but they only had a decent price on the sapphire, (which i didnt want as i was hoping for an asus, msi or esp the Gigabyte.) However, they do have a 7950 3gb for $312.00

    Those brands do make gtx 660 2gb cards for sale at bestbuy.ca for the $240 range (so after tax about 300). I've read a lot of mixed reviews between 660 or 7870...some say they are almost the same, etc....

  4. And this link seems to say that the 7870 is better...sort of

  5. The issue is that i got gift cards for xmas....so in the interest of trying to save my cash and use the cards, then that is my store of choice atm....
  6. And do u have anything to show me the 660ti is better? So far...


    And that first link u gave me, is that a blower card? someone told me to stay away from those.
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