First Gaming/Streaming Build in 5 Years! Help Please!

Hey guys, I built my own pc about 5ish years ago and its about time I update. I used to be a heavy gamer, but was ported to the home consoles. Over the past year I've been PC gaming and streaming to twitch again and I really want to build a new PC. I have put together a few parts but I am out of the loop on a for sure build. I did read that an i7 processor is best for streaming, especially with xsplit because of its ridiculous consumption. I am looking to spend about $1,200. My ideas for parts were:

Processor - i7 3700k - Getting this at micro center for $80 cheaper than newegg, you just can't beat that price.

Mobo - I am completely torn here. I have researched and researched and researched. And still have no for sure build on what the hell I want. I've looked at the ASrock z77 extreme series, the ASUS Z77 chipsets including the Sabertooth and the Deluxe, the Gigabyte boards, everything. So I'm really asking for a mobo that will give me the best performance for the best price including longevity. I will do some slight over clocking, but only as needed. Not for sheer fun.

Video Card - XFX Black Edition DD 7870 - I was looking at this card for quite a while. The cards that are in my PC right now are XFX 8600GTS (like i said, my pc is damn old). After my reading I have heard that people although love this card, others hate XFX's design because the heat spills out of the top of the card against the door of the case. What are your thoughts on this card? And any other cards for better performance?

Power supply - Corsair HX 850W - Honestly just looked at reviews for this thing. Looks like enough wattage for me, and its 80+ gold certified, so I'm just going with my gut on this one.

Case - Cooler Master HAF 922 - Fantastic reviews on this case. Although it is only a mid sized case, most reviews say this case is huge even for a mid tower, and provides much room. If not, please provide your input.

Heatsink - Cooler Master 212 Evo

RAM - Not 100% on RAM either. I need something that will stand up to gaming and streaming. I have read great things and have seen that Ripjaws are the popular choice, but could be wrong.

SSD - If anyone can recommend a nice SSD for me that would be fantastic. I'm way out of the loop on these. I know all about them and how they work but I have no idea what brands are complete *** and which are good.

Pretty sure that's about all I need. Don't need the DVD drive as mine is still kickin, and no need for a keyboard/mouse/monitor.

All of your help is greatly appreciated. I've been torn on finishing my build, and I am really in no rush, I just want to make sure it will all flow together, and hold up to my needs for a few years (fingers crossed)!! Thanks!

- Dave :sol:
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    get something like this

    -motherboard ordered at newegg so that you dont have to buy ram. it comes with free ram
    -xfx is fine. just that gigabyte is quieter and cools a little better

    hard drive

    case. the case is so cheap its a joke. its roughly half price right now
  2. Thank you for your Troy and sorry for not putting my build in the correct format. That case is extremely cheap, but the video card is really expensive. Is it worth the price? I've recently been looking and nvidia cards as well, specifically the EVGA 670 FTW. Is it worth the price? Any feedback would be appreciated. Thank you.
  3. its worth it if you want the best performance possible. if not, get the 7950.

    the 670 performs less than the 7970. and the ftw is probably the lowest performing aftermarket gtx 670 you can find
  4. Okay you have convinced me, I will probably get the 7970. After reading many reviews, I guess that is the best bet for best gaming and longevity, so I'll be able to hang on to the card for a while before I upgrade. I would suppose that the Gigabyte is the best performance for the best price for the 7970 card? If so that's good with me. I like the triple fan setup for extra cooling. I have never had a gigabyte product before, and would definitely like to give it a shot. I might go for that case as well, but I might not be able to purchase it within this or next week, so assuming it's still on sale I will get it. Can you recommend a good mother board for live streaming and playing top end games? Or does the motherboard not play a huge role in that aspect? Like I said I will probably be getting the i7 3770k for dual streaming and gaming purposes, but if I do not end up getting that CPU, will an i5 fair me well for doing the same thing?
  5. gigabyte has good cards. i have their gtx 670 (i bought one because it was cheaper than the 7950 at the time) and mine never runs above 65c at max overclock

    if you purchase next week, some components might change. first thing id get is the motherboard though. the deal doesnt last long. motherboards have almost zero effects on performance
  6. So if I wanted to do some slight overclocking, would the ASrock z77 Extreme4 be good with my build? That seems to be a very highly recommended build, but I haven't seen many people pair it with the i7.
  7. overclocking should be fine. people who have a i7 tend to pair it with a higher end board, but usually they dont use half of the ports, wasting their board
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