Strange "lag/freeze" and audio crackle on 1 week old build

I built my PC about a week ago and everything has worked great. Today I was browsing the web and as I went to scroll the web page down it started to lag or freeze for about a half second. A few min later I opened up a video and noticed a small crackle in the audio about every second. It almost sounds like how older records used to have that dull crackle in the backround. Everything I purchased was new in the box and carefully assembled. I have my output through an HDMI so audio and video are coming out 1 plug through my graphics card.

CPU - AMD FX-8350

Mobo - Biostar TA990FXE 990FX

GPU - Power Color 7870 LE Myst Edition

PSU - Corsair TX650 650w Bronze Certified

RAM - 8gb Patriot G2 Series 1333MHz (Only one stick the other is fried I'm getting 2 new 8gb sticks this week)

HDD - Western Digital 1TB Blue 7200RPM

The CPU temp hasn't gone over 50c that I've seen. I think I'm going to return my GPU because it seems to get hotter than normal from the reviews I've read. Playing a game such as Crysis 3 Beta the temps hover around 90c and I've seen as high as 94c and thats with fan at full speed. Not sure if a bad GPU would cause such problems so I figured I would come here and ask you guys. Thanks in advance
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  1. I am using windows 7 64 bit SP 1 also
  2. Also I open windows resource monitor and when it would freeze the disk usage would spike at 100%. I'm assuming the disk usage is the HDD?
  3. So even though I haven't got any replies I am updating incase someone can help. As I said before the disk usage spikes at 100% sometimes and after having my PC on for about a half hour the slight lagging starts. My disk queue goes up to 6. What exactly is the queue?
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