Sapphire HD7950 Vapor X Latest drivers.

Hi, I just got a new Sapphire HD7950 Vapor X and I'm wondering what the latest drivers are and where to get them. I previously had a Sapphire HD6670 and got the 12.11 beta drivers. I've now uninstalled all those and got the 12.9 drivers for the HD7950, but I'm not sure if those are the best drivers and if I got them from the correct place.

Sorry for incompetence but could someone please link the correct download page? I don't know whether to download from the Sapphire page or the AMD page, cheers. Merry Xmas.
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  1. Amd will have the latest drivers 12.10
  2. or the beta 12.11's. Which I am using without issue.
  3. Im using 12.11 also cause 12.10 kept giving me BSOD
  4. Quick question how much did you buy yours for? It was originally listed for around $340 but now the only place I can find one is amazon and the price is over $400. Help!
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