Worst question ever.

Here's my build, http://ca.pcpartpicker.com/p/BK2X

So, my Dad and I we're talking about my computer that I'm buying soon. We don't have DSL. We have a wireless signal because we live in the country. So his argument was that the computer won't run at it's peak because we don't have fast enough internet. The internet isn't slow, but it's not fast. If you know what I'm saying.. Is this true?
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  1. Depends on what aspect of performance your talking about.

    Gaming performance wont be affected except in online games, video editing and rendering (which the build looks to be made for) there will be no difference unless your using using Cloud Storage.
    All comes down to what your using the rig for.
  2. Depends what you're doing. If you're playing an online game, it wont ruin fps, players will stop then move to where they are actually with a 5s delay.
  3. computer performance overall will not be affected. just that when you try to download stuff, it would just be slow like it is right now for you.

    for the build
    you dont need a i7 for gaming. the i5 should do for most

    id grab something like this

    CPu and motherboard

    hard drive. not SSD speed, but much more storage



    the rest

    if you want overclocking, just say it.
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