Screen say "No Cable Connected" although it's connected, what to do?

I got a Benq led BL2201pt that i used to connect to my pc with a dvi connected, and that have always worked. But since i have gotten a third screen i had to hook this Benq screen to my pc with a dp -> mdp cable, the strange this is that the 2 other screens that i have connected works just fine if the Benq screen is not connected. But when i connect the Benq, the 2 other screens black out and my Benq starts telling "No Cable Connected"
Just in case, then my graphic card is a ati hd 7950, and my 2 other monitors are hooked up with dvi and hdmi.
If anyone can help it would me much appreciated.
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  1. you need an ACTIVE dp adapter/cable to get the 3rd screen working.
  2. Ya, i figured it out, thats some mess that i need to have both dvi and dp in at same time bot now it works, YAY!
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