Can someone help me with a Netgear router?

Hi there, I am currently trying to setup a netgear wnr1000 n150 router to a speedtouch 536. I have tried to connect the router about 20 times today.. i have gotten to the stage where i have given up.

win7 64
speedtouch 536
netgear wnr1000

Networks current status:
'CONNECTED, WITH NO INTERNET ACCESS' I can get full bars on my laptop.....!!!
all pluged in. im sure that i have some settings wrong somewhere.. can someone please help me fix this crap. I know this is a basic task but im sorry i just haven't yet comprehended networking lol.
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  1. Connect a CAT 5 jump cable from the yellow Ethernet port of the speedtouch to the WAN port of the netgear if the netgeat will be the DHCP server, or to an LAN port if the speedtouch will be your DHCP server. You have to disable DHCP in one of the two -- I would recommend turning off DHCP in the speedtouch toolbox, and thus attach to the WAN port of the netgear.

    Then go into the Netgear configuration (type either or in the browser of a computer attached to the netgear), insure that the DHCP is on, wireless radio is on, set a WPA2 passcode -- write it down, your wireless devices will need it to connect. Then setup all of your devices to use the gateway (s/n mask either by typing in the values or having the device automatically obtain from the gateway.
  2. log into the Netgear and change the LAN IP to

    I believe the modem uses the IP scheme
  3. Hey realbeast, emerald i tried to disable DHCP in speedtouch's settings and it locked me out of internet/speedtouch's settings access. Ive reset everything to gain back my internet access.. ive pluged in my moderm to get here and it works fine. the manual stats that i should switch off my computer. turn on the moderm let it think, turn on the router then boot up. ill do that and get back to yas... all settings are reverted to stock.

    I really dont know what im doing but could you guys walk me through the basic setup settings and everything when i boot up?
  4. Alright. Ive followed that process ^ and booted up. I ran the cd and it says: "you are now connected to the internet, set up wireless connectivity".

    I click on network status and i get "connected, no internet access."
    im at the routers ip page thing lol. and it says i have a tick for internet port and a tick for wireless. but i have NO INTERNET ACCESS.

    Um, not sure if i should post my ips online.

    On the routers page: under internet port it says -
    mac address: xx.xx.xx.xx.xx.xx correct to the bottom of the router
    ip address xx.x.x.x
    connection: DHCP
    ip subnet mask
    domain name server
    *all this is changable*

    I turn my moderm off every night and when it boots back up i have different DNS numbers, primary and secondary. wtf lol

    so as of now. everything is on and connected i can find the router in the speedtouch's settings. where do i go from here.

    thanks so far :)
  5. You don't need to worry about the Internet ip and dns addresses -- your provider assigns them to you. You need to that you configure your LAN correctly. What is the gateway address of the router?

    You need to use that network for all your machines. Since you can't seem to turn off DHCP in your modem (double check that it is actually on in the toolbox) your only choice would be to turn off the DHCP in your Netgear. Before trying the wireless, just attach the modem LAN port to an LAN port on the Netgear and attach a computer to another Netgear LAN port. Do you have Internet access on that computer now?
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