Please help me with a Dayz PC


I really want to play Dayz (Arma II mod) I'm sure a few of you have heard of it, or played it.

System Req.;

I found this PC;

Do you think that this PC would give me Medium Settings?

Thank you for any advice.
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  1. Also the monitor I have is a 1366x768
  2. Yeah dude by the looks of it you get the recommended specs which usually translates to medium ish to maybe high, but the only thing in this rig that lets it down would be that gpu, if you were to get this you could save up a bit and upgrade that gpu later, and that would give you better results but the cpu is a total beast, so you might be able to scrape medium, only way to find out is to get it though, good luck!
  3. Nooooo!!! Never go with a prebuilt! You'll be able to get a much more capable computer with whatever budget you have. What's your budget? $700?
  4. ^ Second That, Give us a budget and we will throw you one together. Building isn't as hard as it may seem if you can use a phillips screwdriver and have patience you can do it yourself.
  5. Alright some things:

    1. Looks OK but why a prebuilt??
    2. You could do a lot better than a 7770.
    3. You don't need a 3570. If you want to overclock, get a i5-3570K. If you don't, a 3470 or 3350P will be fine.
  6. Thanks for the replies :)

    @Jthill -Budget is maximum $700. Thats with OS and everything.

    @tabascosauz -
    1. I tried to put together a decent rig on pcpartpicker,(
    and what I came up with is a Phenom II x4 with a 7770 that I would have to put together for about 640. So I thought I'd put this out there to see how it would compare.

    2. For Dayz? From everything I've read a 7770 would be fine for Dayz, as it is a extremely CPU dependant game and I am not really trying to future proof this PC, just get a good setup to play Dayz and maybe upgrade some pieces next year.

    3. I am not really interested in overclocking. I am just extremely new to PC gaming, I have never built one, and not sure I should be messing around with something I don't fully understand.

    Thank you guys for the help. Really, keep any suggestions coming because I am looking to make purchases today.. hopefully!
  7. Also, is a Micro ATX Mobo going to hurt me in long run?

    If I play 2-3 hours of Dayz at a time, will it get super hot.

    The model again..
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