Dell xps 8300 upgrade path

Hello i have a dell xps 8300

I7 3.4ghz
Msi 7850 twin frzr
1tb memory

Im running great on stock psu but want to upgrade to possibly OC my system. I also want to add memory and a ssd. I dont mind spending a little more for better quality parts. What should i do next to increase my computers performance for gaming? Upgrade memory, ssd, psu i barely have 20% of my memory used and that is with all my mmos saved to hard drive.

I dont do anything other then play mmos on my computer. I dont even surf the web it strictly is for my mmos and use a laptop and ipad for everything else gaming related. Id also like to max out my computers settings to focus strictly on my gaming. I already have cleaned out all programs and set my comp to best performance but is there something like changing paging file or messing with configuration to also to dedicate all my comps strength to gaming?

Short story what are my 3 next best upgrades to my dell xps 8300 i need to do and what brands do you recommened? Thanks!!!
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  1. Sweet thanks for the fast response. Again a new psu isnt worth getting? I know stock dell is strong i run my gpu off the stock 450w unit but some people say not too however it seems fine. What would be a good psu to throw in if i went with a new one? Thanks.
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    1. The CPU you have is HUGE. Delay an upgrade a bit.
    2. The memory size you spec'ed (1TB) is really your hard drive size. No need to change it unless you are running out of room to store games, etc.). Right click 'my computer' then click properties to see your memory size. Bet it's 6GB or 8GB, but you need to check. 6GB is plenty for everything except professional video edit and wierd stuff liek that.
    3. NICE video card. You could upgrade that, but it's a very nice piece. Should make most games at 1080P / normal monitor resolution.
    4. Power supply that comes with a factory HP with a 7850 is also strong and will not need an upgrade to overclock. Google 'amd overdrive' for simple overclocking using the tools made by the people who made your video card's graphic chip. MSI also has a nice overclocking tool. Aside you have over 100W of +12v headroom with the stock (think it might be 460w) unit. HD7850 even OC just doesn't draw that much power. IF you want to verify a "kill-a-watt" meter is $20 at amazon. You are currently maxing at less than 300W at the wall. Alternatively buy a UPS with an LCD display that shows watts used ($150 for a good one) and you'll again see you are less than 300W max.
    5. You cannot OC your CPU so just stay on the factory CPU cooler. Save a few bucks and some hassle.

    For the SSD. Decide the brand you want, then research the 'drive cloning' and 'drive backup' software that comes with it. Figure out the steps needed to replace your current hard drive with an SSD. Then decide if its worth it. I have 4 SSDs deployed (intel 320, samsung 830, 2X 240GB SF based units in various work, personal and kids laptops), but my desktop is still spinning because the value of the SSDs for me just doesn't counter the hassle of a small C drive. YMMV.

    Other toys you can get. Gaming mouse, better display, second display, third display (now you need a video upgrade to max things).
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