First gaming Build. Budget $500-$650

Hello, first time builder here looking for help and advice on whether or not this is a respectable budget build for gaming. Looking to run recent games on high or medium settings at the least. My budget is around $500-$650.

Also is there anything essential that I am missing from this build?

*Note: I don't need an OS, optical drive, mouse, keyboard, speakers.
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  1. This shoud beable to run most games on medium to high settings with decent fps, but you wont get the best for $650. If you possibly increased your budget a bit more i would recommend a hd 7850 1g or 2g GPU and a fx 6300 CPU. You will easily band out high settings on most games on the market.
  2. I'd suggest trying to bump up to 7850 or 660, otherwise it looks great for a budget build.

    Also, consider a different mobo. The model you chose does not unlock the core so you can't overclock the x4 965. So you'd be stuck with stock. The stock reaches 3.4GHz, but you could reach 4.0GHz with an overclock. The downside is, you'd need to buy a special cooler. This motherboard will let you overclock nicely:
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