Need help with dorm room router

My problem is I can't have internet access on my computer and play xbox at the same time.. technically I can, but my online gaming experience is horrible because I can't find games/join friends while connecting through the router (Linksys WRT120N)...
I've tried port forwarding and all the obvious suggestions but none work because my dorm has a moderate NAT set and it seems the router just screws up the connection even more. So its like

[Dorm network with moderate NAT] --> [My router with settings to correct the moderate NAT to open] --> [Xbox with strict NAT; can't join people/games]

Now I can connect the xbox directly (not through the router) and everything is perfectly fine but I obviously have no internet access on my laptop.. I can put the router in a different room and connect the xbox directly into the wall and laptop wirelessly to the router but the problem with that is the connection drops out anywhere from every 20 seconds to 5 minutes. It sucks. I talked to the IT dept and they said its because there are so many people with other routers that its just interference

My main questions: Is there a way I can bridge the router so its like connecting my xbox directly into the wall? Will I be able to connect my laptop to that and have internet access at the same time? Any suggestions for the dropped connection in another room?
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  1. If there are loads of nearby wireless networks, you could be getting too much radio interference. First, you could try changing the channels -- you might run inSSDer to look at the current radio traffic. Second, you could just connect both computer and XBOX to the router wired ports and configure the XBOX to work with the WAN connection that you have.
  2. have you tried to assign a static IP to your XBox and place that IP into the DMZ of your router?
  3. I tried the static ip and DMZ already and it didn't work, I can't connect to friends or join online games (but I can get on Xbox Live)

    How exactly do I "change channels" on the router? That seems to be the main problem because when I go through the router, the connection drops on my laptop but the Network/Sharing Center in Vista says everything is all good

    I ran inSSDer and it found around 15 different networks besides mine.. the dropping is really sporadic, sometimes I can go up to an hour but then sometimes it drops twice within a minute
  4. Ok I figured out how to change the channel so I switched from 6 to 11 and then to 1 but it still drops the connection every so often
  5. That's wireless.
  6. But I'm not wireless at all, I have each device connected to the router through an ethernet cable

    connection still gets dropped
  7. If you do not use wireless then the channels won't help.

    You need to find out if the NAT that is in place will allow you multiple addresses -- if so turn off your router DHCP/gateway and all, which will turn your router into an expensive switch. So you would attach one cable from the room outlet to your LAN ports, and three other wired devices to the LAN ports also and ignore everything else about the router -- also turn off the wireless radio, as that is also unneeded background signals.

    The only other thing for your situation that I can think of is IP masquerading with a Linux NAT box but that would be a big hassle.
  8. Alright I disabled the DHCP and wireless capabilities of the router and was able to connect both my laptop and xbox and both worked fine but it the connection still drops out..

    I'm beginning to think there is no solution to this, seems like the connection just can't hold both at the same time
  9. Very likely that may be the case.

    The network you are on was not built to anticipate the explosion in online gaming, Netflix, Facebook, etc. so I'm not surprised that it stumbles occasionally, which to everyone else is not a big deal, but if you get dropped from a game is a real pain.
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