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Hey all,

First time posting and just want to thank anyone in advance who may be able to help me out with the issue that I am having. I'm having an absolute nightmare with sharing files with my desktop PC on my network. It is running windows 7 and hardwired into the router. I noticed this issue when I went to stream a movie one night after setting my router up and realized I was unable to get the PS3 to play the movie after waiting for literally maybe 25mins of buffering and it playing all of like maybe 30sec into the movie. Long story short is, there has to be something going on on my PC side. I say this because I am able to access other computers on the network and copy/write files at a decent speed, for example 25mb/s. As soon as I try to access my PC's shared files from say my laptop and copy a file, it literally stops cold and maybe will copy at a rate of 6kb/s. Once I saw this I decided to open up my task manager and take a look at my network utilization down at the bottom, when reading or writing from my PC to another PC/Device on my network I get around 10-20% Network Utilization. Now heres the crazy thing, when ACCESSING my PC's shared files from another PC, I get around .01%-.06% Network Utilization.

I've attempted to disable both the Windows Firewall and my AVG, but neither made any difference. I've took a look at my router setting and everything seems to be fine, internet speeds are running smooth, only having issues when trying to access shared content from the windows 7 desktop. I'm also able to stream from my macbook air to my ps3 using Playstation Media Streamer and its instant, no lag at all, and shows my bit rate for streaming around 15-20mb/s. When I use the exact same program on my PC, it shows my current bit rate at 0mb/s and a peak of 1mb/s.

Also my router is a Netgear WDNR750 aka N750 if anyone needed to know. Like I said any and all help would be greatly appreciated, I'm pulling my hair out on this one. Thanks in advance!
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  1. Hey there,

    Thanks for the reply! I actually fixed the issue about a day or so after I posted this. I'm not 100% sure what fixed it yet. It was either turning off Remote Differential Compression or resetting permissions and editing them to the proper permissions for the files I was wanting to share. After doing both of these things, Streaming and file sharing to/from this PC was fixed and worked instantly. Once again thanks for the post! I had actually looked at those exact same forums/posts prior to fixing mine ;) lol.
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