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Hello, I have windows 7 64-bit home edition, my curious problem is that I currently have internet connection, can browse the web fine, make IP connections to video-games. But the icon in the bottom right corner says I have limited to no internet access, and the network map also says I have no internet access. The only program affected is EA Origin, which will say i have no internet access and puts me in offline mode.
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    Some other software installs can cause a conflict with Windows networking -- the most common I've found is the Bonjour DNS Responder. It is installed by ITunes and some Adobe products, and is generally not needed. Go into Services, stop the service called Bonjour and change it from automatic start to either disabled or manual start. Then restart computer.

    If that doesn't work you can try going to the command prompt run as administrator and type ROUTE DELETE, should remove the phantom network, which is probably due to Bonjour anyway.
  2. you indeed live up to your name when it comes to this it worked ty
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