7750 power requirement question

I am looking at purchasing this Lenovo:

I want to upgrade graphics, and this board helped steer me toward the Sapphire 7750, which is small enough to fit in this small case. Probably.

The specs on the 7750 say 400W PSU required and the Lenovo only has a 240w PSU.

Will this work? Is the 400 watts suggested, or really required? Is it possible but with a performance dip?

This Pc will be used mainly for basic home tasks, but also HD video editing with Sony Vegas 11. No high end gaming.

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    Now 240watts is really low, you have to at least get above 350watts.

    Since there was no graphics card installed earlier, this card will be a completely new load for the system. Honestly 240 watts is just enough for the system (when the CPU is under load) without the card.
  2. some reviewers on newegg had no problems as long as it was greater than 225w. it says 5w idle 45w during game play
  3. The link might be broken.

    Anyway, why do you want to upgrade if you haven´t taken it yet? If you are to upgrade, then why don´t you build a system yourself?

    If you build it, apart from saving money, you will be able to get only what you want.

    As for the PSU, 400 watts is only suggested by the manufacturer.
  4. The Radeon HD 7750 can run on an average quality 300w PSU as long as you are not overclocking and/or have too many hard drives.

    A 240w is too weak. I would say at best you can run the Radeon HD 6570 unless you upgrade your PSU.
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