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I looked in the Bios and there is a map of the motherboard...when you scroll over each of the parts it tells you what is plugged in to what. My Ram shows up, my cpu shows up, everything shows up except the video card. It says the pci express slot is empty, but I'm 100% sure it is plugged in the right way and all the cords work. When I plug in my hdmi cable to the video card I get no signal, when I plug it into the motherboard the picture is fine. Is my video card doa?
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  1. Have u connected the PCI-E power cables to ur card ?

    Does the graphic card fan running ?

    Please post the full system configuration.
  2. You have to disable the on board graphics to make the graphics card work. Anyway it should still display in the bios. Is your pcie slot working properly? Try another slot if available
  3. Update: None of that worked, I reset my UEFI (BIOS) to see if it would recognize the video card and now my computer crashes before Windows can start. Windows can't repair it. I tried to reset the hardrive to a previous image of itself and it said successful, but it would bring me back to the same screen...Not sure what do now being that I probably messed up my computer pretty bad.
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