670 vs 7950

I am buying a new system and i found a msi 7950 twinfrozr for $320


and also a gigabyte gtx 670 windforce 2 for $280


(the sales are in-store so you can't see them online)
which one should I go for? and i plan on doing overclocking since my case (NZXT Tempest) allows it. so what kind of psu should i get?
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  1. A 670 gtx windforce 2x for 280$ ?
    Get it now, don't even think about it, get it now, it's better than the 7950 and it's cheaper.
    For a psu, a xfx 550w pro will do just fine.
  2. GTX 670 is way better than Radeon 7950
    Get it. You can Overclock and reach the stock speeds of GTX 680
  3. That's a poor chart to make the 670 gtx look worse :



    Note : it was tested without the latest nvidia drivers which is now the 310.70 whql.

    Here's some actual bench : http://www.hardocp.com/images/articles/1355258763YRffX8K27e_3_1.gif
  4. Ok well I have a 3570k with a H50 watercooling unit and i plan to oc it heavily. If i bought the 670, i plan on ocing it as much as i can. that being said, would a corsair cx500 v2 be good enough? i found it for $30 so thats why otherwise i would get a higher wattage
  5. Yes, it has enough amps for the 670 gtx and your system wont reach more than 400w(or about that), but with oc(cpu and gpu, and the rest you'll have) it can reach to ~450w(max load) and that's cut it close to a low entry level of psu from corsair.
    The xfx 550w has more room and quality(it was made by seasonic).
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