Monitor turns off when I plug in other monitors?

I recently got a new 23" monitor as a gift, however I seem to be having an issue with it. Previous to owning this monitor I used to have a 19" widescreen monitor along with a 32" TV hooked into my radeon 6770 graphics card (with the 19" plugged into the dvi port and the 32" plugged into the dvi port with a converter from dvi to vga).

The problem that I am receiving now is that I had initially planned upon keeping my other two monitors hooked into my graphics card and also connect my new monitor using an hdmi cable, however, whenever I do so, the monitor never receives a signal.
If I have any other monitors plugged in, or if I plug them in when the new 23" monitor is the only one currently plugged in, then the 23" monitor turns black and stop receiving a signal.

My 32" and 19" can still display fine when I have the third, new 23", plugged in, but if I plug any other monitors in, the new 23" just goes black. Also, I did try to connect the new 23" in the dvi port instead of the hdmi port, but to no avail; it has the same problem.

If anyone could help me with this issue, I would be very much appreciative.
Thank you all so much :)
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  1. If I'm understanding your problem correctly, you can use two monitors at once but not three, correct? So that even if you disconnect one of the original two and plug in the new one, you will get picture on the new one?

    The issue is that for 3x monitor setup, at least one of the monitors will have to be Display Port/Mini Display Port. If one of the monitors does not have a Display Port cable, you can get around this by purchasing a DVI or HDMI to Display Port/Mini Display Port adapter. It must be an active adapter (the item description will usually specifically mention it as being active). Be sure it is active and not passive, because what you are going for is a change in the signal being transmitted, which the cheap passive adapters won't do. This is a relatively cheap DVI to mini display port adapter one on Newegg, so you have an idea on what you need.
  2. Well I tried plugging in just the 23" and the 19" into only the dvi ports, and I had the same problem as when I tried plugging in all three together at once. Either the 23" monitor ONLY works, or anything/everything else works.
  3. Please let us know your specific graphics card and the three monitors.
  4. I thank you two for responding and for your help. After much further searching and testing and searching, it was a very simple issue that I don't see how I didn't find immediately.
    With the radeon 6770 card, as with many AMD video cards, in order to have more than two monitors in use at a single time, at least one needs to be used through the displayport. The issue (will hopefully once I get my adapter) is solved by instead of having two monitors connected via the two dvi ports and one in the hdmi port, having two monitors in the dvi ports and one in the display port.
    Thank you all for your time, and hopefully this will be able to help someone else if they have a major slow moment.
  5. ok the hd6770 cant support 3 monitors. and for 2 monitors, u cant use 2 dual link DVI cables. u can only use single link DVI or single link and an HDMI. that was my problem when i didnt have multi monitor working... i tried to use 2 dual link. make sure ur using single link DVI.
  6. Yes, and sadly you also cannot use hdmi, single link dvi, AND dual link dvi. Using one of each will also not work. The way around this is to use the displayport instead of the hdmi port in this situation.
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