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SO i have 3.3 GHz intel quad core processer, evga super clocked geforce gtx 660, and 8 ram. yet when i play black ops its unbearably laggy, same with Asasssins creed 3. However, i can play skyrim with no lag which is kind of strange.... can someone help me or tell me the problem? or how to reduce lag
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  1. well this is gonna sound noobish but update your video drivers. and maybe you overcloacked to far
  2. Also, turn down your settings? You might be playing the games with default settings, thus giving the drastically different performances.

    (clok, the EVGA superclocked comes overclocked from the factory - I don't think the OP has overclocked.)
  3. Yes i haven't over clocked.... nor do i know how to lol. But black ops has no settings that are changable... except body count. i reduced that to tiny and bullet impact reduced but still lag :/
    I tried updating video drivers.
  4. Should i down clock it? maybe the factory overclocking is messed up?
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