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So this is my first time posting on this forum after looking around for a solution to my problem. I just bought a new HP Desktop and it came with Intel Integrated Graphics 4000. I also bought a Nvidia Geforce 220 (I know it's a crap card, I just need it for photoshop and video editing and whatnot. So when I installed the new card and turned on the computer the monitor received no signal and the computer made 6 short beeps. It then stayed but the monitor turned off because it wasn't getting a signal. How do I fix this? I heard I have to disable the integrated graphics in device manager but I'm afraid if I do that and the card doesn't work, I won't have a way to turn it back on. Any help is appreciated.
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  1. Ya, change that in BIOS.
    Or check whether you have connected the cables right.

    Have you connected the Monitor cable to GPU?
  2. I looked through the BIOS and couldn't find a way to disable onboard graphics or choose the boot device. And yes I connected the monitor to the GPU.
  3. Look for a Youtube video to do so.
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