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Just curious. I have been researching and thinking about investing in a GIGABYTE GV-N670OC-2GD GeForce GTX 670. I have a Sapphire ATI Radeon 5850 1gb and want to sell it, yet every site I look at either says 300 or 700. I have had it for about two years and runs flawlessly with no gimmicks, yet I am confused about how much it really is worth. I wanted to sell it for about 200-300. Is this wise? Just want to get a solid opinion from others. The cost, the switch, ect ect.
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  1. Do you really need to switch? What exactly is the problem with your card now?
    If you are getting low frame rates get a ssd. That is a wonderful card don't sacrifice it.
  2. Very interesting. So by getting the ssd, the frame rate would climb, but why exactly? Very curious.
  3. I want to get a new card simply because games being released today have low frame rates. I want to try out nvidia just for the drivers considering I haven't used nvidia in a long time am curious to see if they live up to their pricing. Having this card for two years, it seems normal to want a new gpu.
  4. I have a sapphire Ati hd 4850 512mb on my old system and it still handles all games when I attach a ssd to it. Any what did you mean by you want it to sell it at 200-300 did you mean $200-$300. I still think that nVidia will be a bad option as it is overpriced compared to an equivalent amd card. Although amd has ruined the Radeon series after buying it from Ati, I'll still go with a Radeon.

    What is the resolution of your monitor?
  5. 1920x1080
  6. An SSD will only affect the frame rate in rare cases. In gaming it mostly helps with loading times.

    As for selling the card, keep in mind it's only slightly better than a 6850. They're going out of stock now, but retail pricing is/was below $150.
  7. alrighty thank you. I shall be upgrading then using the money to sell my hd 5850.
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