Which graphics card is better?

So I have 2 graphics cards and both of them appear to run games at the same speed but which one is better in terms of appearance.

One is an:
ATI radeon HD 6850

The other on is:
Nvidia GeForce GTX 650

So if these 2 were side by side on a shelf at a store and you could buy one which one should you buy?
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  1. GTX 650 has 2gb GDDR5. It has a higher Effective memory clock, and a higher core clock.
    Gtx 650 looks nicer and costs 169.99 on NewEgg

    Effective Mem Clock: 5650: 5400MHZ 6850: 4000MHZ
    Core Clock: 5650: 928 Mhz 6850 700MHz

    GTX 650 uses a higher level of OpenGL scoring in at 4.3 and the 6850 has 4.1.

    The GTX650 is succeeded by the 6850 in terms of Memory Interface. The Gtx650 has 128 bit whereas the 6850 has 256 bit.

    They both are 6 pin, meaning they require to be plugged in by the PSU. 6850 needs a 500 watt or greater PSU. The 650 needs a 400 watt.

    If your motherboard is a bit old, it wont support the GTX 560. Since it uses PCI-E 3.
  2. So you're saying they're both the same?
  3. My question wasn't describe both cards my question was which one is better. I've looked at the specs lots of times and I know what both do but I want to know which one would you buy at a store if your computer can run both.
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