Is this good for gaming

my spec are
core i3 3.3 GHz 2nd generation
4GB DDR3 ram
gigabyte h61 mother board
500 GB Toshiba hard drive
absolute 450 watt psu
gtx 650 1GB ddr5 VGA

can play crisis 3 on high setting and gtx 650,is this good for gaming
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  1. Hi, I see you're a newcomer. :D Welcome to tomshardware!

    Down to business,

    I would recommend you getting at least and i5-2500k , or even better, an i5-3570k, with a 560 or a 550ti to play crysis 3 on medium settings. I would also recommend getting at least 8Gb of RAM, hopefully at least ddr3 1333Mhz. Also, I would recommend either seagate or western digital for hard drive. What's your budget?

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