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I have to remove the "Read Only" status from my external USB WD 2TB hard drive which I used as a backup drive. I have tried all suggestions here and in other forums. None have helped. I'm using Win 7. I will be returning the drive to the manufacturer (WD) and I want to (Format) erase all the information on it. All my tax returns information as well as my Quicken data have been backed up to this drive.

Please, please help
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  1. Hi

    Western Digital provide a Windows hard disk diagnostic tool and a bootable dos cd image to test their hard disks (download from their website)
    Since this is a USB external hard disk the Windows version should be used (as the dos version does not have usb drivers.)

    If you still can not access your disk and the WD low level format does not work you may have to physically destroy the hard disk instead of sending it back to WD. (Though I am sure they would erase it during testing before re issuing it, after it has been repaired)


    Mike Barnes
  2. Thanks Mike, I will look for the WD diagnostic tool and give it a try. Hopefully it will work. Will keep you posted.

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