2 1.25g 570s or 1 670 4g

Hey everyone. I have a build right now with a 2500k and 2 GTX 570 HD 1.25g cards. I've gotten an offer for my computer for a really good amount IMO, 1000 dollars. Now, if I sell it, I would most likely be getting a GTX 670 4g version specifically the EVGA superclocked version. Will this be better? I am most likely going to be running 5760x1080. Also, is there a better option? Is something like a 2g 680 a better way to go? Or even 3 way SLI 570? I really have no idea. thanks.
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  1. no, 680 isnt better, GTX 670 4g is the best choice right now, i know evga FTW is the best, but they have -not-so-good- stock cooler.... you might want to consider gigabyte windforce gtx 670 4GB
  2. How about compared to SLI 570s?
  3. i think one 680 is better than two 570s, both on performance and power saving. With 5760x1080, 4GB is a better choice. I think Gigabyte Windforce is the quieter one too.
  4. GTX 570 1.25 GB has a lot less VRAM for 5760x1080 and even for 1920x1080.
    So, its clear to buy a GTX 670 or GTX 680.

    Note: SLI will not increase the VRAM.
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