GTX 650 or 7750???

hi all, i was about to purchase a radeon 7750 for 99 dollars US when i noticed an EVGA GTX 650
for only $80!!!! at first i thought this was a bargain, i thought Nvidia cards are priced up the arse, but i then wondered why it was so cheap? which card is better? links:

thank you,
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  1. Bump, i wanna know too.
    I'm about to buy either of these.
    According to this site

    The GTX 650 would be slightly better.
    I've been reading "issues with drivers" on both sides, i wanna know if this is resolved on the nvidia side, if this is the case i would rather buy Nvidia over ATi.

    Please help!
  2. 7770 is a little better in most games.
  3. Sumukh_Bhagat said:
    7770 is a little better in most games.

    he is talking about hd 7750 and gtx 650
  4. Sorry. :p
    I meant 7750 is a little faster than 650.
    But 650 do provides Physx.

    7750 doesn't requires a Power Supply connector.
  5. I think they r the same, depends on the game mostly.
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