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Yesterday I decided to do a clean install of Windows 7 Ultimate N. However, when I had reinstalled everything, the only sound device that was even recognized was the speakers of my TV. I want to use my headset like I did before the re-installation but when I connect it, and every other audio device, it isn't recognized.

I have tried every fix I can find, including:
-Updating sound drivers
-Starting Windows Audio in Services
-Re-installing Windows Media Player
-Checking the BIOS for sound options
-Updating my motherboard drivers
-Checking for my headset drivers (it didn't have any)
-Many other things that I can't remember

If anyone could tell me what to do, I would be eternally grateful.
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  1. Broken cables maybe? When you reinstalled the drivers, did you do that through windows automatic driver search, or did you go to the manufacturers site?
  2. Pretty sure it's not the cables because it worked immediately before the re-install and because I've tried multiple devices that all failed. I've searched for drivers automatically and on the manufacturer's site. Neither worked.
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