GFX card for 300 PSU?

Hi i have a HP a6700z and it has a 300 watt psu in it. What kind of card can i get that will work good for some gaming? The CPU is a AMD phenom II x4 955bc. I have 5120GB DDR2 ram. Here is a link the PSU i have I have a second hard drive hooked up and a second Cd drive and a card reader. If i really can't get a good card to put in it then what kind of PSU would you put in it that will fit? THANKS! :D
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  1. lol 512 ram... make it 2-4GB for your own sake

    max GPU you can get is radeon 7750

    but you really really need to invest on corsair or xfx 500-600w PSU to make sure your pc is not dying...

    after PSU upgrade, you will be able to use 7770 or 7850 :)
  2. Oh i have just over 5GB ram. So i can use that card on a 300 psu?
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    yes you cand :) 7750 only consume under 75w
  4. Would a GTX 660 work on this PSU with an AMD Phenom II X4 830 Deneb?
  5. AMD Radeon said:
    yes you cand :) 7750 only consume under 75w

    them cards are PCIe 3.0 will they work on a PCIe 2.0 board?
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