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trying to coonect my 3 year old Microsoft PC to my new 32" Insignia TV to use as a monitor and TV. HDMI connection on PC and no DVI connection on TV? What should I do as I have it connected now via DVI to VGA adaptor at PC then straight into TV at VGA plug. Picture is very fuzzy / blurry being used a a monitor? Help please?
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  1. blurry? did you try to change resolution to highest available?
    I tried to put very low resolotion on my 40" an dit became a little blurry..but not much..i could still see stuff very well
  2. If both of ur PC and TV have HDMI ports, then use HDMI cable. It will give you the best quality that u can get.
  3. I used to use a DVI to VGA adaptor which caused resulted in a relitivly fuzzy image. Switching to a HDMI lead worked for me (32 inch LG LCD).
  4. Stick to your HDMI Cable.
    HDMI carries 1080p and Sound too.

    So, best is the HDMI Cable.
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