Trouble connecting to sbg6580 router/modem

I have a wireless-g pci adapter in my old desktop and I'm trying to connect to my new motorola sbg6580 router/modem.

My wireless will pick up the router just fine. When I go to connect I'm prompted to enter security key, I have made absolute 100% sure I'm entering it correctly.

HOWEVER, every time it says "waiting for the network..." and loads for 2-3 minutes then it just closes.

I don't understand why it isn't connecting, I have an itouch and a newer laptop that connected wirelessly no problem. I also have another desktop connected directly to the router that is connected to the internet.

If I left out any crucial info please let me know. And thank you for any help
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  1. is the wireless using WEP or WPA mode?

    if it is WEP have you tried both lower and upper case letters?
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