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Comp wont boot anymore :(


I just did a huge mistake while trying to set up a RAM Disk.

I accidentally marked the RAM Disk I had just created as Active Partition and thought it was a mistake that I could undo by marking the C: drive as Active Partition.

Windows warned me that changing Active Partition can make my system unbootable and I clicked yes because I thought C: was my bootable partition...

Now my computer wont boot anymore and I've tried to boot with my windows 7 CD, but it wont work... even though I changed the boot options to.
1. CD/DVD drive
2. Disabled

It changes nothing if i try to boot from my RAID array or from the bootable CD so what should I do...

Please help me I have alot of valuable data on my computer and need it to work tonight lol...

Thanks in advance for your help!

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    On many motherboards, you can press the F12 button to allow the user to manually select the boot device. Try that to force a boot from the Win 7 DVD. Then, perform a startup repair:
  2. tyvm, it finally worked but the hard part was that the screen would stay blank even if i ran the DVD so i couldnt find out what to do.

    After hundreds of reboots and different tries, i managed to boot from CD the setup repaired worked.
  3. Congrats on getting sorted out. Have fun!!!
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